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What projects are included in the SembraMedia directory?

criteriosdirectorioThe SembraMedia Directory represents more than 675 digital media natives that produce original content in Spanish.

Since we launched in 2015, we have been conducting an extensive research project to map new types of media being created by entrepreneurial journalists in Latin America, Spain and the U.S. Our digital media directory is searchable by country, audience size, and content type across a wide-range of topics, including investigative journalism, politics, sports, culture, and more. (The directory is currently only available in Spanish, but we publish our criteria in both English and Spanish to make our work more transparent.)

Our aim is to develop a community of digital media entrepreneurs and journalists who produce original content, use innovative storytelling techniques and manage their businesses with transparency.

We invite you to recommend media for our directory. Our team of SembraMedia ambassadors includes representatives from nearly every Spanish-speaking country and they review all submissions to ensure they meet our criteria before entering them in our directory. We understand that in Latin America and Spain, there are contexts that may prevent some journalistic entrepreneurs from complying with all of our criteria for inclusion. For that reason, we occasionally make exceptions but our goal is to serve a specific niche of digital media entrepreneurs, and for that reason, we do not include most digital media that are associated with newspapers, magazines, or television stations. 

At SembraMedia, we focus on entrepreneurs who are developing digital media startups because we understand that their needs are different from more established media, but we hope that all media will learn from our initiative and the research we are doing into the digital media market.

Digital media projects must comply with the following criteria to be included in the SembraMedia Directory:




Digital native

Projects should be primarily in digital format. They can produce print content but the web or another digital media should be the principal platform.

Original content in Spanish

The majority of the content should be original and published by the media organization in Spanish. 

Content that serves the public interest

The content published should serve the public interest. Projects may address many themes, including sports, culture, health, opinion, business, and more.  

News  / Information Disclosure

Information should have news value and be published on a regular basis.

No political affiliation

The project should not be created only to serve a political agenda or party. 

Not corporate

The editorial line and economic viability of the media project should not be dependent only on serving the needs of a corporation or single financial donor.

Financial transparency

Each project should publicly share information about funding and revenues sources.

Blogs and newsletters 

Small, single-founder projects may be included if they provide journalistic value, show potential, and the founder desires to grow beyond a simple blog or newsletter.    

Content published only on social media sites

Social media projects may be included if they share news information, have impact, and comply with the other parameters described in these criteria, including publishing original content, in the public interest, with a high level of integrity.  

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